We had our Mayan Enrichment Week this week in school. On Monday we were visited by Steve Manning who read and performed traditional Maya stories to the Key Stage 1 children. The older children were told about the discovery of Chichen Itza in the 1850s by an American archaeologist and later by a French archaeologist. It was amazing to see him captivate the children with his retelling of the events in role. A great many thanks to Steve for visiting us once again and starting our exciting week off so well.

Throughout the week, children had a go at a variety of Mayan themed activities including counting using the Mayan number system, learning about the Mayan civilisation and the art of Frederick Catherwood. The children were encouraged to make a Mayan mask, which were paraded in assembly on Friday.

On Friday some of our pupils, alongside Mrs Burchell and Sally Race visited the Bishop's Palaace in Wells to meet the Duchess of Cornwall. She is meeting the children to find out more about the Beanstalk reading volunteers that come in to school to read with certain children each week. Watch this space for a picture.