‘Since God so loved us, so we must love one another’ (1 John 4 v11)


Ashlyn is very much a part of our school community even though she lives almost 2000 miles away in the Philippines. Together as a school we sponsor her learning and well-being through the charity Compassion UK. Each class takes it in turn to host a fundraising event to meet the cost of sponsorship. We also make sure Ashlyn knows she is one of us by writing to her. Each class has taken it in turns to help raise money to fund her education. So far we have held an unwanted gift sale, a bake sale and a mufti day to celebrate her birthday. 


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On Monday 29th April we were visited by Greig from 52 Lives - a charity that aims to improve the lives of a person worldwide each week of the year. Each week, they visit a different school to run kindness workshops with the aim of empowering the children to realise that the little choices that they make every day can make a big difference to the world and to someone’s life.

We had a special assembly where we were told of one of the people who had been nominated to the charity, whom we would be supporting through our kind actions this week. Mary, 5, lives in Cheshire and has a very rare condition. So rare in fact, that only 60 other people worldwide share it with her, and, unfortunately, it is life-limiting.

Following the assembly, the children all went off to their respective classes where they were charged with making things and sending messages of support for Mary and her family. The children were incredibly thoughtful in the things that they made and in what they said. The items were taken by Greig and given to Mary and her family this week, who were overwhelmed.

However, the children and staff didn’t want to leave things there. They were very touched by her story and really wanted to help. They thought that providing an experience for Mary and her family will really give some respite to them and also create some lasting memories. We came up with the idea of providing a family ticket for a day out at Chester Zoo, which is local to her and her family. We contacted the zoo and asked if they could provide this, but they unfortunately do not gift tickets on an individual basis. Having met with the School Council, we decided to have an Octonauts (blue) themed mufti, as this was one of her favourite shows, to raise money to facilitate her making these memories with her family. We raised a whopping £169 and this has paid for entry to the zoo for Mary and her family, and also extras such as photographs with the animals and souvenirs. We hope that she and her family enjoy their day together.

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Updated prayer boardb

Prayer Wall

A very busy part of our school is the Prayer Wall. The whole school community contributes to this by writing prayers for others or simply thanking God for ways that they feel God has blessed them.


Prayer Corners

Every classroom has a prayer corner. These are places where children have the opportunity to pause, reflect and pray as they want or need to. They are therefore interactive in character and also explore the Christian Value of the half term.



Class 3 prayer cornerb




Count Your Blessings for Lent 2019

At West Pennard we mark the church calendar and this was the case in Lent  when we counted our blessings each day by thinking about things such as the person or colour we were thankful for. 

Prayer Spaces      


We had our first Prayer Space afternoons in the Autumn Term. The children each had the opportunity to have a go at a variety of activities. See some of the outcomes below... 


Christmas Tree


One of the reasons why Christmas is so special is that we get to spend time with people we love.

The children could take a star and write on it the name of someone they wouldn't be able to spend Christmas with this year.

They took a Haribo tree (just one!) and as they ate it, they quietly thought about that person. They were invited to talk to God about them if they wished.


Cardboard Boxes


When Mary and Joseph got to Bethlehem there was nowhere for them to stay. Around the world today, families like ours live in cardboard boxes. The children could quietly sit inside one. They thought about how they would feel if this was their home? They wrote their thoughts about this on the boxes.


Thank you Play-doh


Christmas gives us many reasons to be grateful.

Children were invited to use the Play-doh to make the things that they are grateful for.

They had to take care not to mix the colours!




God put a special star in the sky to guide the wise men to see Baby Jesus.

The children were invited to wind some wool around one of the card stars.

As they wound they were invited to think about the things that they are looking forward to or where they feel they need guidance.

They were invited, if they wished to talk to God about this.


Scratch Art


At Christmas we remember that Jesus is the Light of the World.

The children were invited to use a sheet of black card and to scratch out what this means to them.

They were invited to scratch /draw where Jesus' coming as ‘light’ makes a difference.




God sent angels to shepherds with good news that changed history. They were amazed at both seeing angels and their message …wow!

The children were invited to choose an angel and write on it what makes them go wow…and to maybe share it quietly with God as they wrote.

Community Angelsb   On the lead up to Christmas we had lunchtime workshops where the children made angels to post through all of the doors of the members of our community.   


On Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd April each class had the opportunity to take part in the Forgiveness Prayer Space


Jesus’ friends started that first Easter Day scared and sad. Angels met them at the tomb and told them not to be afraid. Later when they saw Jesus for themselves He spoke words of peace to them.

Children were asked to think about where they find peace and what makes them peaceful?

They were invited to write on a ‘flower stem’ where or how they find peace and they added it to our peace garden.

Year 3 cross  

Christians believe that Jesus died so that the things we have done wrong can be forgiven. He was treated unfairly and was killed without having done anything wrong.

The children were asked to think about those who they have treated unfairly. This was presented as an opportunity to say sorry.

If they wanted to say sorry, they were asked to write their name on a plaster and stick it on the cross. They then sat and ate a sour sweet as they thought about making the situation better.

They considered if they would like  to say sorry to the person they hurt the next time they see them.


On the first Palm Sunday people threw palm leaves onto the dusty road for Jesus to walk over.

This is how they showed He was important to them.

Children were asked to think who is important to them? They were invited to write their names on a palm leaf.

As they wrote, they had the opportunity to thank God for them if they wished.

  Year 3 Palm  
Year 6 4  

At the end of Good Friday it seemed that Jesus’ way of loving people had come to an end.

Yet three days later on the Sunday, Hope was born again. Jesus had risen, just like He said He would.

It’s good to remember on those days when life seems hard that there is always hope – Jesus has made sure of that, HE IS ALIVE – and that changes everything!

Children were asked to scratch away the dark paint on the egg and draw what they thought of when they hear these words.


The crowd started by welcoming Jesus but were later swayed by peer pressure to condemn Him.

The children were asked to think about what they you have done? Are they one in a million, or do they feel lost in a crowd?

The children were asked to look at the ‘Little People’. Which one is them?

They were asked to move the other ‘little people’ to represent the

other people in their life. How do they feel?

  Year 6 6  
Every fortnight our School Council visits the local care home, the Cyder Barn, to play games and talk to the residents. We invited the residents to the Christmas performance of Lights Camel Action. We very much look forward to seeing them every time we visit.   cyderbarn  

Peer Mentoring

At West Pennard we are proud that some of our Year 6 children have now trained to be

Peer Mentors.

Their role is

  • To be a role model around the school
  • To help people who are sad
  • To make the playground an even happier place
  • To be impartial when pupils fall out
  • To help sort out problems

The type of help they offer is

  • Helping children who fall out without taking sides
  • Inspiring others to help one another
  • Offering practical help e.g. keeping injured children company, teach younger children new games to play.
  • To listen when it feels like no one else does

Peer Mentors are always willing to make a difference. They can be easily found as they wear gold PM badges.

Eco Piratesb   In RE, Year 1 were so horrified by the way people had polluted the beautiful world we live in that Carymoor Schools Against Waste came to help us learn how to take better care of our planet.  
Year 6 at Christmas Unwrapped and Easter Unscrambled run by Street Baptist Church learning the true meanings of these important Christian Festivals in a fun, interactive way  
Christmas Unwrapped 2
Bunny box2   To mark Easter, all the children across the school made a 'Bunny Box' to be given to members of our local community.   
Also at Easter, the children were challenged to make an Easter hat and took part in an Easter hat parade. There were some very creative designs!   Easter hat2  
Easter lunch2   As at Christmas, we were treated to a lovely celebratory Easter lunch by our excellent cooks, Mandy and Sue. We wore our hats to lunch also.  
We marked Mother's Day by having a tea and cake afternoon in the hall.    Mothers day2  
Office display2   Every child has designed a fish for our display in the reception area. As fish, we are all different, but we all swim in the same direction.   
Year 2 raised £93 for Ashlyn with a biscuit sale.    Year 2 cake sale for Ashlyn 22  

On Monday we shared in a special Armistice Day Collective Worship when we stood to remember those who had died in the war and those who still live with the scars of war.  So this week, instead of having our usual Prayer Wall, we have written poppy prayers, saying thank you and praying for peace.


Thankfulness Values Day - Nov 19




Connectb   We collected our harvest produce and donated it to Connect in Wells, a local homeless charity.