WOW – Wellbeing on Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, we spend the afternoon ‘being’ school rather than ‘doing’ school. The children are guided through activities which are relaxed and creative, allowing them the space to discuss their feelings and teaching staff the time to hear them.


Umbrella – when we feel like it Is raining. We thought of all the things which make us happy and would cheer us up.


The Colour Monster is a great favourite cross the school allowing us to ‘name’ our feelings, giving us a vocabulary to express them and strategies to work them out.


Colour Monster bookmarks and ‘blowing’ our own monsters, blowing all our worries out!


Inventing our own Gratitude Colour Monster.

stress ball  

Calm jars and stress balls for when we are feeling cross.


Colour Monster Pegs


Worry Worms – each bead reminds us of a strategy to use when we feel worried.


‘How are you feeling today?’ Colour Monster fans

wow2021e   Magicking our worries away with wands
Authors of our own Colour Monster books   wow2021cd
glitter   monster1