1. Please slow down to a maximum of 20 miles an hour in Newtown Lane (from the school sign) and a maximum of 10 miles an hour in Church Lane.
  2. Cars should use the war memorial as a mini-roundabout i.e. keep to the left to increase visibility when leaving Church Lane. Please note the bus is unable to do this.
  3. Pedestrians and cyclists are advised to leave promptly at the end of school as the Pilton Bus will be leaving by 3:25pm.
  4. Children should be closely supervised and not allowed to run on ahead.
  5. Parking in the Village Hall car park and walking up Church Lane is strongly advised. Please do not park in front of the Village Hall or in front of the houses directly outside (this is private property).  There is plenty of space at the rear of the Village Hall.
  6. Cars are advised to be clear of Church Lane by 3.25pm therefore allowing the Pilton bus to drive away from school without obstruction. Cars are discouraged from coming up Church Lane to turn around before the bus has left. If a car faces up the lane, it should wait until the bus has gone before it can approach the top of the lane to turn.
  7. In the morning the Pilton bus should be clear of the lane by 8.30 allowing cars to manoeuvre.
  8. All cars using the lane at other times should turn at the top, dropping children off where it is safe to do so. It is an offence to park on the hatched lines. Cars should not reverse into the hatched lines.  This is for buses only and children will be walking to the gates this way.
  9. Do not park at the top of the lane, at the narrow parts of the lane or on the corner at the top of Church Lane by the car park as it is the turning place for vehicles.
  10. Do not park in the ‘Disabled Parking’ area unless you have a legitimate badge. Please inform the school office if this is the case.
  11. Park considerately without blocking driveways, mounting pavements or verges and do not use driveways to turn.

For the safety of the children please drive carefully. The Governing Body expects users of Church Lane to show courtesy and consideration towards residents and all other users.  All parents and residents should make every reasonable effort to abide by this voluntary code of conduct and to courteously encourage others to do the same.