September 2017

In March 2013 the Government launched a £150 million per annum initiative as part of the Olympic Legacy Strategy.  The Primary School Sports Premium aims to improve the quality of provision in every state primary school in England.

Each school receives £8 000 a year plus an additional £5 per pupil.  West Pennard received approximately £8 800 last year.


The Current Position 

  • We employ two specialist sports coach to deliver PE as part of our fortnightly enrichment days and a coach to deliver high quality PE as part of the national curriculum.

  • There are a wide variety of sports activities offered as extra-curricular clubs for both key stages.

  • The Street and Glastonbury CLP schools organise mini-festivals and sports leagues in football, netball and cricket.

  • The school participates in the Mendip Area cross country running league.

  • The school benefit from an association with Millfield School leading to the children receiving specialist coaching and use of specialist facilities.

  • The school participate in the Chance to Shine Cricket initiative linked to Somerset County Cricket Club.

  • All children swim from years 1 to 6.  All children leave able to swim at least 25 metres.

  • We are well resourced.

    All the above will still continue


In academic year 16-17 we used the funding to achieve the following objectives: 

  • To increase the number and frequency of sporting activities the children engage in

  • To increase the variety of sports the children engage in

  • To increase the amount of specialist teaching

  • To enable class teachers to work alongside PE coaches

  • To provide funding for transport to enable children to access facilities and coaching in local secondary schools

  • To support the general health and well-being of the children

  • To improve resources

  • To retain the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark

  • To reward ‘sportsmanship’ and introduce Sports Captains to provide positive role models for sports across the school


The funding was used to: 

  • Employ Go-Active to provide ‘alternative’ sports such as: street-surfing, handball, urban polo and tchoukball to engage children, enrich the sporting experience and enthuse the children who traditionally shy away from more ‘team’ based sports. This was in addition to the sports coaching already commissioned by the school.

  • Fund transport to attend festivals and matches

  • Ensure that the PE co-ordinator was able to attend training and meetings with local schools to develop further opportunities with other schools in the locality.

  • To gain the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark at Silver level

  • Award children for ‘positive attitude and sportsmanship in PE’ through our celebration assemblies

  • Introduce sports captains for each team to lead sports across the school


We monitored the impact of the funding through: 

  • Recording the number of extra-curricular clubs over the year and the take up from children

  • Collating timetables of PE provision in the school

  • Asking children for their views concerning sporting  participation, attitudes, enjoyment, activity levels


The funding has had a positive impact on sporting provision at West Pennard.  Ofsted (July 2014) noted that: 

‘The school has used the additional funding for primary sport to employ coaches to introduce a wide range of new sports as well as to develop teachers’ confidence and subject knowledge.  As a result far more pupils are involved.  Standards in sport have improved, as have pupils’ levels of fitness and enjoyment.’


Funding for 2017-18 

The funding will be used to continue with the existing initiatives.  We will also use the funding to resource our bi-annual sports week, therefore introducing the children to a greater number of sports and pursuits. We will also use £500 of our funding to support the CLP sports programme, thereby increasing the number of festivals with our local schools.  In addition, the school will seek accreditation for its sporting and PE provision by applying for the Sainsbury’s School games mark at Gold level. 


Miss J Hale 

September 2017