The governors act as a "critical friend" to the school, monitoring and overseeing the smooth running of the school and supporting and listening to staff and parents. The governing body is responsible for the overall management of the school and for determining its aims, objectives and policies in accordance with all the relevant legislation. The head manages the school from day to day and is the governing body’s principal professional adviser who assists it with the formulation and implementation of its aims, objectives, policies and plans.

Governor minutes are in the public domain. You can request to see them in the school office. Alternatively email the Clerk, Mrs J Marchione by clicking This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Governor Statutory Information / Register of Interests

Mrs S. Smith (Chair) - Co-Opted Governor. 1/01/85 - 12/10/25

I have been a Foundation Governor for just over thirty years. It is a privilege to be part of such a wonderful school. I have four grown up children all of whom had an excellent primary education at West Pennard. My passion for each and every child to have the best possible start to their journey into the world of education is still with me today and I very much enjoy being part of a team who share this passion.

I sit on the Finance and Buildings and Curriculum committees and I am responsible for RE, Colleective Worship and Leadership and Management.

Register of Interests - nil

Attendance at FGB 2020-21 100%


Mrs M. Colman (Vice Chair) - Local Authority, appointed by LA. 9/10/21 - 08/10/25

I have been a Governor for 13 years, but my involvement with the school goes back 25 years when we moved to West Pennard and my daughter began school. I am Vice Chair and Chair the Personnel Committee. Our responsibilities in the Personnel Committee relate to monitoring the welfare of pupils and staff. We are also responsible for approving a wide range of policies.

I chair the Personnel committee. I am a training mentor and I am also responsible for Leadership and Management.

Register of Interests - Garden maintenance at school.

Attendance at FGB 2020-21 100%


Mr T. Wheat - Elected by staff 7/9/2012 - 31/8/2021 (Headteacher Governor 1/9/20 - )

I have a long association with West Pennard School, having attended the school as a child and having taught here for the last 13 years. I have been Headteacher of the School since September 2020. I have been a governor for the last 13 years and sit on the Personnel, Finance and Buildings and Curriculum Sub Committees.

I sit on the Personnel, Curriculum and Finance and Buildings committees.

Register of Interests - Spouse is a supply teacher

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  100%


Mrs A. Pinsent - Elected by staff (16/09/20 - 15/09/24)

I have been a governor for the last year and a half and I sit on the Curriculum Sub Committee.

I sit on the Curriculum committee.

Register of Interests - nil

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  100%


Mrs H. Austin - Diocesan Board of Education. 25/09/2021 - 24/09/2025

I have had connections with West Pennard School for 42 years, as a parent, a teacher and now a grandparent and governor. My teaching career was mainly with the younger children and I am delighted to be the Foundation Stage Governor and also the Special Needs Governor. Through all the changes in education over the years West Pennard has always been an outstanding school not only in striving to provide its pupils with an excellent education but more importantly in imparting a sense of self-worth  and consideration for others.

I chair the Curriculum and sit on the Personnel committee. I am responsible for Additional Educational Needs and the EYFS.

Register of Interests - nil

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  75%


Mrs G. Holley - Co-Opted Governor  01/10/2014 - 30/9/22

I was born and brought up in West Pennard and I now live in Sticklynch. My son, Thomas, and I are both ex-pupils of the school. My interests revolve around our beautiful countryside surroundings, children and good food. I'm currently keen to encourage enjoyment of school meals and the maintaining of our in-house school meals service.

I sit on the Curriculum committee. I am responsible for Equalities, Health and Wellbeing and Physical Development.

Register of Interests - nil

Attendance at FGB 2019-20 78%


Rev'd Chris Hopkins - Ex Officio Governor 1/9/18

Register of Interests - nil

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  100%


Mr L. Green - Co-opted Governor  09/10/17 - 12/10/25

Register of Interests - nil

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  50%


Mr W. Cowan - Co-opted Governor  (19/07/21 - 18/07/25)

Register of Interests - School Website Builder

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  n/a


Mrs B.Hillman - Elected Parent Governor  25/04/19 - 24/04/23

Register of Interests - Stall holder at Christmas Fayre

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  75%


Mrs S Middleton - Co-Opted 14/01/2019- 14/01/23

I live in Shepton Mallet and have a son in Secondary school and a daughter in Yr 6. I speak fluent French and come from a language teaching background, as well as having taught exercise classes locally for many years. I am link governor for Modern Languages and Humanities and sit on the Personnel and Curriculum committees. I was elected as a governor in December 2014 and feel very privileged to be able contribute to this wonderful school. I believe the children here are nurtured and cared for by outstanding staff and encouraged to reach their full potential, not only academically but as happy, creative and confident members of the community. 

I sit on the Personnel and Curriculum committees.I have a responsibility for the Humanities and French.

Register of Interests - nil

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  75%



Mrs L. Thompson - Elected Parent 

Register of Interests - nil

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  75%


Mrs J. Marchione - Clerk - 1/10/2010 - 31/8/22

I have worked at West Pennard School for 9 years.  I have been clerk to Governors for 5 years and clerk to the committees for 7 years. I work in the office as finance officer.

Register of Interests - nil

Attendance at FGB 2020-21  100%