School Meals

We are very proud to have retained a production kitchen and to be able to provide locally sourced, on-site cooked meals. 

Year R, 1 & 2 children are entitled to Universal Free School Meals, but many choose to have a bought meal in Year 3-6. We serve around 140 meals daily. 

The Food Safety Act 1990 requires the school to operate a management system called ‘Assured Safe Catering’.  Legislation determines that we must adhere to published nutritional standards, thereby ensuring a healthy and balanced daily meal.  The Trust employs a catering consultant to ensure that the regulations are met.

Fresh meat, vegetables and fruit are sourced locally and within a very limited budget show variety and attention to quality.

Meals are freshly prepared without salt or preservatives.  We do not fry any foods or use processed meats. 

To view our School Meals Policy, click here