PE plays a very important role in life at West Pennard School. It is delivered to all classes throughout the school at least once a week through PE coaches and class teachers. PE coaches and teachers follow planning from our PE Passport programme that the school have bought into for the last 3 years. The focus in KS1 is on multi-skills and improving the children’s ABC (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination.) In terms of skill progression this will assist the children in accessing the KS2 PE curriculum where the focus is on invasion games, striking games and ball skills. 

Each class swim for 2 half-terms every school year where their lessons are delivered by qualified swimming coaches. This is vital as it helps the vast majority of children to achieve and surpass the National Curriculum requirement for swimming and water safety where they are expected to complete a swim of 25 metres. We firmly believe that as swimming is such a life skill, that children should swim every year, regardless of whether they have already met the National Curriculum expectations. 


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2023-24 Academic Year


2022-23 Academic Year