What is the pupil premium?

The pupil premium is an amount of Government funding allocated to schools to support provision for children who are eligible for free school meals, who are in care or who come from service families.  The figure has been calculated to include funding for any pupil who has been on the free school meal register at any time during the past six years.

Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure Year 2016-17

Overview of the school

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils on roll (October 2016): 204 

Total amount of PPG received: £39 600 (estimated) (includes £600 for service children)

Summary of PPG spending 2016-17

Main Barriers to Educational Achievement

  • Financial: low income precludes families from paid activities therefore potentially limiting extra-curricular opportunities
  • Home-learning support: some households are time pressured with opportunities for supporting their children’s learning limited
  • Underestimating children’s potential
  • Emotional well-being

Objectives in spending PPG:

  • To ensure that resources are made available to maximise progress of identified children in mathematics and English.
  • To ensure that resources are made available to ensure the emotional well-being of identified children.
  • To ensure that children in receipt of pupil premium grant are able to access extra-curricular opportunities in academic, sporting and arts based pursuits
  • To provide opportunities for children to complete homework in school

Summary of proposed spending:

  • One-to-one tuition for identified pupils
  • Teaching assistant support for identified children with particular learning needs
  • Additional teaching assistant support for specific year groups
  • Learning mentor support for vulnerable children
  • Continuation of the Emotional Literacy Support Programme
  • Small group and one-to-one support from teaching assistants across the school*
  • Fund for extra-curricular activities and courses for able, gifted and talented children
  • Funding for a number of pupil premium children to access the Beanstalk Charity Reading Programme (2 x 30 minutes per week one-to-one reading sessions with a volunteer)
  • Funding for ‘Pupil Attitudes to Self and School’ well-being monitoring tool

    *£600 service children funds allocated here

Monitoring Progress:

  • Pupil Progress meetings take place termly where pupil progress in English and mathematics is discussed in a meeting with held by the Headteacher with class teachers and the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator. The progress of pupil premium children is tracked.
  • As a result of these meetings interventions are decided upon to support and maximise the progress of individuals/groups of pupils.
  • The information on the progress made by the focus children will be shared with Governors on a termly basis at curriculum sub-committee level and in an annual report in September each year to the Full Governing Body.  A summary of this report will be posted online for parents to access.

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