The school could have an emergency closure due to severe weather or other unexpected circumstances for the two reasons below:

  • The school cannot be accessed / is not safe for children and staff.
  • Not enough teaching / support staff can travel in to ensure children’s safety (all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure provision).

A localised decision to open based on consideration of all factors will be made by 7:30am. It could be the case that there is partial opening (possible in the case of depleted staff numbers).


All reasonable efforts are made to communicate as efficiently as possible.

  • A message will be sent to all email and / or all linked mobile phones for staff and parents. Please ensure that contact details are up-to-date at all times in the school office.
  • There will be closure information sent to Somerset County Council and details will appear there for all school closures. Click here 
  • Local radio stations report mass closure information regularly (i.e. flooding / snow related) from the information sent to County.

These closure procedures will be followed for each separate day of closure.