The way that we teach Maths and the methods that the children learn evolves constantly. You may well not recognise some of the methods that the children are using when you support them with their homework. To that end, we have compiled some help sheets, based on our Calculation Policy, that seek to explain how to carry out such calculations. There is a KS1 and a KS2 version for each of the 4 number operations. Please click on the images below...

Admission a    Admission 
 Addition in Key Stage 1   Addition in Key Stage 2 
 sub 1    sub 2
 Subtraction in Key Stage 1   Subtraction in Key Stage 2 
 mult stat 2   mult2 
 Multiplication in Key Stage 1   Multiplication in Key Stage 2 
division vision   Division Vision 2
Division in Key Stage 1   Division in Key Stage 2