‘Since God so loved us, so we must love one another’ (1 John 4 v11)


The children were asked ‘What makes our school so special?’ 

The children, as you would expect, came up with some amazing answers, these included…

  • ‘Our school is special because we work as a team.’
  • ‘We are kind and generous and respect others.’
  • ‘Every single person is different and we are all friends.’
  • ’We are a community. We are a big family.’
  • ‘Everyone in it is unique.’
  • ‘Everyone is different and that makes us special.’

A visitor to our school this week took part too. She answered ‘The wonderful children and welcoming staff.’

I wonder how you would have answered this question. If you do have any responses to this (and other Big Questions in subsequent weeks) please send them into school, we would love to share the debate with you!